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Top 10 Best Instant Coffee & Brands in 2019 Reviews

For a time, it seemed that the only cup of coffee worth drinking was made from freshly roasted and ground premier coffee beans. Instant coffee, in some circles, was viewed as a lesser quality coffee product.

But thanks to forward-looking coffee producers, instant coffee is available with ingredients sourced from the same high quality regions as the pricier versions found in coffee houses. For those in the know, instant coffee has some distinctive advantages.

Excellent Instant Coffee for You:

Best Instant Coffee Brands

There are hundreds of popular instant coffee brands available. Many are favorites because the flavor is the one that cultures have grown to like. Coffee is a cultural phenomenon.

People tend to gather to drink coffee to socialize, and groups of people come to prefer certain brands because those are locally available, or those were the brands they grew to know and love within their family or circle of friends.

10. Clasico Nescafe Instant Coffee

10. Clasico Nescafe Instant Coffee

Nescafe has been a family favorite for generations. Made from pure dark roast coffee beans, and each jar is pure coffee without any additional additives. This instant is a favorite in Latin America, and customers all over the world appreciate its bold, rich flavor. It is said to have a longer shelf life than most, due to its packaging.

  • Fast and easy to prepare
  • Consistent rich flavor and deep roasted aroma
  • No need to maintain coffee brewing equipment and machines
  • Leaves a bit of residue at the bottom of the cup
  • Viewed by some as average flavor
  • Coffee does stain, even though it is instant
  • Lid design on the jar could be improved for easier opening

09. G7 Instant Coffee

09. G7 Instant Coffee

This all in one product includes coffee, non-dairy creamer and sugar all in one packet for easy preparation. G7 is a favorite throughout Southeast Asia because it is easy to pack and make a great cup of coffee on the go. It makes a great camping coffee because it only needs water added. It can hold its own when compared to premium dark roasted Sumatran ground coffee beans.

  • Leaves no product residue at the bottom of the coffee cup
  • Full bodied flavor with a touch of sweetness
  • A nice alternative to cappuccino
  • Popular made as iced coffee or blended into smoothies
  • Some do like the smell or taste; comparing it to half and half or watery coffee
  • Some customers received the product too close to its use-by date

08. Douwe Egberts Pure Indulgence Instant Coffee

08. Douwe Egberts Pure Indulgence Instant Coffee

Douwe Egberts has produced fine coffee since 1753. The Dutch company roasts the finest blend of beans to make their high-quality coffees. Pure Indulgence is a darker roast, which gives it a fuller aroma and deeper flavor than the Pure Gold instant. Some customers prefer the dark roasted flavor, which offers a robust and bold flavor depth. Many fans of the brand view it as simply delicious.

  • A nice alternative to fresh ground and brewed coffee; without the hassle
  • Flavorful dark roast coffee
  • Can leave undissolved granules in the cup
  • Is often sold for twice the price as other comparable brands

07. Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee

07. Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee

This medium roast Dutch coffee produces a pleasant cup of balanced flavor which many enjoy drinking throughout the day. The company uses a roasted blend of fine beans to make this product. Some long-time coffee lovers prefer it over brewed coffee, due to its rich, yet milder flavor. The brand is noted for its consistent flavor and smooth drinkability. It also is known to keep sensitive stomachs happier, without the strong acidity common to many instant coffees.

  • Product comes in a great glass jar with an airtight lid which keeps coffee fresher
  • Great coffee aroma
  • Large granules don’t dissolve as well as other brands
  • Has a slight aroma of burnt caramel

06. Maxim Mocha Gold Korean Instant Coffee

06. Maxim Mocha Gold Korean Instant Coffee

Innovative design includes the coffee, cream and sugar in the same individual instant coffee packets. This blend is a popular one with those who prefer a bit of coffee with a smooth flavor each day. Many converts to the brand were used to freshly ground coffee store coffee, but discovered that they appreciated the convenience and taste of this blend even more. It’s easy to use and delicious.

  • Packets are preflavored so there’s no need to add anything extra
  • Packets are straw-like in shape and easy to pack on the go
  • A light breakfast blend flavor; sugar and cream added
  • Fans of dark roast find the flavor too weak
  • Contains hydrogenated oils
  • Requires use of 2 packets per cup

05. Mount Hagen Organic Instant Coffee

05. Mount Hagen Organic Instant Coffee

For a brand to be able to claim that it is the first of its kind is admirable. Mount Hagen is exactly that; certified organic by EcoCert, and the first freeze dried brand ever. It is 100% so; based on the United States Department of Agriculture standards. The company sources from the world’s best cultivation areas and plantations which are free from artificial chemical use. This coffee has a rich, milder flavor and is very easy to use. One packet to a cup of hot water produces instant dissolve and a fresh brewed taste.

04. Mushroom Instant Coffee Mix

04. Mushroom Instant Coffee Mix

An unexpected blend of 100% Arabica bean powder, chaga, cordyceps, rhodiola root, and lion’s mane mushrooms, this Four Sigmatic brand instant coffee is full of antioxidants. It satisfies the vegetarian and vegan’s dietary requests with a delicious blending of these ingredients which are said to help strengthen the immune system. This premium coffee is prized by fans who enjoy its flavor. The percentage of mushroom is 20%, while the Arabica is 80%, so a cup doesn’t taste like mushrooms.

  • It is easier on the stomach than regular coffee
  • Instant packets make it easy to use
  • Good flavor
  • The company uses superior Arabic beans which are mycotoxin and pesticide free
  • Some drinkers will notice an earthy undertone
  • The naturally sourced ingredients require the product to be more expensive than brands which use less quality ingredients and processes

03. Maxwell House French Vanilla Instant Coffee

03. Maxwell House French Vanilla Instant Coffee

Of the 18 flavored coffees in the Maxwell House line, French Vanilla is a favorite with many customers who enjoy having a rich tasting cup of coffee with a creamy texture. It’s quite popular with workers who prefer to make their own coffee to take to work, and it also makes an appearance as a special coffee when company arrives. It mixes easily with hot water for a warming cup on a chilly day and also makes a delicious glass of iced coffee. The company makes this blend with superior beans for full body and flavor. It’s no surprise that many customers have been enjoying it for decades.

  • An affordable, delicious alternative to coffee house lattes
  • Rich flavor without after taste or coffee heartburn
  • Amount used can be adjusted to taste
  • An instant beverage without using wasteful, single serve plastic cup machines
  • Some package contents are grainy and don’t mix easily

02. Starbucks Instant Brew Coffee Packs

02. Starbucks Instant Brew Coffee Packs

Made from 100% Arabica beans, this is a dark roast with the rich aroma and smooth flavor. There are 50 packets of this sweet decaffeinated instant coffee, so each cup is remaining fresh. The coffee keeps its flavor inside until the packet is poured into a cup. It takes just ten seconds after pouring in hot water, then a nice stir, and enjoy a great cup of sweet, roasted flavor.

  • Micro-ground coffee beans which dissolve readily in hot water
  • Can be used to make iced coffee with slightly longer dissolve time
  • Delicious alternative to fresh espresso
  • Customers love the coffee, but note the price has recently increased dramatically

01. Starbucks Italian Roast Instant Coffee

01. Starbucks Italian Roast Instant Coffee

The simple process of pouring a single packet of this instant coffee into a cup, adding hot water, and stirring before drinking is part of the enjoyment associated with this excellent Italian Roast from Starbucks. For many, its charm is that if offers a flavorful, yet convenient cup which tastes as if it was brewed. Fans of the brand enjoy having the handy packets available for their evening cup of decaffeinated coffee without the hassle of going out to the coffee house to buy it. The single cup packets are perfect for an evening of relaxing with television or reading.

  • An excellent decaf coffee with a rich full flavor
  • Easy to make for those who dislike brewing coffee
  • Some customers feel that the flavor has suffered in recent times
  • Instant version might seem weaker in flavor when compared to freshly brewed ground beans

The popularity of coffee continues its rise. As popular coffee houses are popping up in every neighborhood on earth, coffee lovers are becoming savvy consumers of high quality beans. The flavor preferences are influenced dramatically as the best beans from around the world are used to create delicious cups of coffee.

It’s good to know that instant coffee is real coffee, made from real beans. The best brands use the best ingredients, and coffee fans can tell the difference between what is excellent or just so. It’s also true that long-time favorites have remained popular. Each person can choose which coffee they prefer and enjoy it. Thanks to modern technology, instant coffee has emerged as a product capable of providing high quality flavored coffee which is easy to make and readily available. For coffee fans everywhere, this is good news.

Coffee is rated as the one of the most expensive beverage that you can find out there, but the tastes that each contains is what is of utmost importance. After doing several types of research, we proved several things out from the coffees that you might find in the markets. One thing is a quality which was greatly despised.Our manufacturers did not want consumers to buy what they don’t know or believe in. That why they come up with different coffee brands that are rated as one of the best in this industry. Let’s have a look at the ten best products of all time that you can find and order from our stores.

10. G7 3-in-1 Best Instant Coffee

10. G7 3-in-1 Instant Coffee

G7 3-in-1 Instant Coffee has become SE Asia’s most popular instant coffee. Developed at a $10 million plant in the Buon Me Thuot Highlands, this gourmet instant coffee is never brewed, never freeze-dried or concentrated. With non-dairy creamer and sugar, this is an instant coffee all ready to go just by adding 6 ounces of hot water. Millions of G7 fans carry G7 with them to be able to make a perfect cup of coffee anywhere, any time. It creates a 6-ounce cup depending on the strength that you will prefer.

Table of Contents 05. BLACK+DECKER GC3000B 12-Cup Replacement Carafe, Black04. BLACK+DECKER CM2035B 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker, Black/Silver03. Black & Decker DCM600W 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe, White02. Black & Decker CM5000B 12-Cup Mill and Brew Coffeemaker, Black01. BESTEK 50-ounce Insulated Double Wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Thermal Carafe If you are love drinking warm coffee that […]

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09. Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee The Best Tasting Instant Coffee

9. Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant Coffee

Douwe Egberts Pure Gold is made from a blend of the finest beans. These beans have been baked using Douwe Egberts expertise to give a medium and well-balanced flavor that is suitable for drinking at any time of the day. This coffee is just awesome, and it contains no bitterness, and it’s very smooth. Buy it and you will not be disappointed if you try this.

Table of Contents 10. Breville BCG820BSSXL The Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder, Brushed Stainless Steel09. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill08. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill07. Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Electric Coffee Grinder with Multi Settings, IDS7706. Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder, Black05. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with […]

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08. Mount Hagen Instant Coffee

8. Mount Hagen Instant Coffee

Mount Hagen instant organic coffee is an organically grown highland coffee that is made from 100% Arabica beans. It is the first certified organic freeze dried coffee in the world. It is naturally certified by EcoCert by the organic standards of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This coffee has been carefully selected and separately harvested to bring you the greatest quality, mild and naturally rich in flavored coffee. Our coffees are from plantations of the best cultivation areas of the world.

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07. Starbucks Colombia Coffee

7. Starbucks Colombia Coffee

Just tear open a packet of Starbucks, add hot water, wait for 10 seconds, and stir. Then enjoy the rich, smooth taste of 100% Colombian Arabica coffee with that signature walnut flavor. This is a miniature wonder that you will always keep or even take it with you to work. The coffee is very tasteful and rejuvenates your morning or evening when you take it. Try it and you won’t stop drinking it.

06. Nescafe Instant Coffee

6. Nescafe Instant Coffee

This coffee is our signature blend because it is smooth and mild roasted. It is also made from pure premium coffee beans. These Master Coffee Brewers use a bizarre method to brew our special amalgam of premium quality coffee beans just after they are cautiously roasted. This helps lock in our trademark smooth and balanced flavor. Enjoy great coffee anywhere, anytime.

It all starts with a NESCAFE if you want to take coffee

05. Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee

5. Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee

Your night must have been a long one but you need to wake up to a steaming hot cup of delicious Folgers Instant Coffee. This 100 percent pure coffee is manufactured from rich, mountain-grown beans. Simply add hot water for an instant cup of coffee anytime you need one. The Folgers coffee package contains enough to make 120 cups of coffee. The smooth taste and rich aroma are sure to please coffee lovers.

04. Nescafé Ipoh White Coffee Original

4. Nescafé Ipoh White Coffee Original

Forget about your creamer and sugar! Simply mix the Ipoh White Coffee powder with hot water, you get to enjoy this yummy coffee in as little as seconds! Chill your coffee with ice and enjoy a cup of cold coffee in the summer. Nescafé White Coffee is imported directly from Nestlé Malaysia and is HALAL certified. Coffee naturally contains antioxidants! The good thing about this label is that the first time you try it, you will simply love the aroma.

03. Folgers Instant Coffee Crystals

3. Folgers Instant Coffee Crystals

It is time for you to chill your coffee with ice and enjoy a cup of cold coffee in the summer. This coffee has been perfected to provide you with a taste that you have never felt before. Preparing it is just easy and will not take you time. You only put hot water in a cup, put the instant coffee in and wait for around 100 seconds and stir. Your coffee will be ready for consumption.

02. Pure Indulgence Instant Coffee

2. Pure Indulgence Instant Coffee

Pure Indulgence coffee is a mixture of the finest beans. These beans have been roasted using Douwe Egberts expertise to give a rich and aromatic flavor suitable for drinking at any time of the day. This blend is a darker roast than Douwe Egberts Pure Gold with more luxurious taste and full aroma. The coffee tradition goes back to 1753, so more than 250 years of expertise have gone into creating this luxurious instant coffee. Be part of the great people by consuming this coffee.

01. Maxim Mocha Gold Korean Instant Coffee

1. Maxim Mocha Gold Korean Instant Coffee

Let’s take a look at what makes instant coffee what it is. Here is a guide including a few instant coffee basics, and some pointers for popular brands to try. Each brand has something unique to offer, and a loyal fan base devoted to its particular flavor. It may be surprising, but instant coffee can hold its own when compared to fresh brewed coffee, and in many cases, there are fans who prefer it over coffee house versions.

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What is Instant Coffee?

Instant coffee is a coffee drink made of powder, granules or crystals. The beverage is made commercially by brewing coffee beans to make liquid coffee or coffee extract, which is then spray or freeze dried.

Freeze drying process:

Coffee is dehydrated. Liquid is removed to preserve it and make it convenient to transport. The coffee extract is frozen to a temperature of approximately 40 degrees centigrade and then cut into small granules. These are dried under vacuum, and at a very low temperature. It is a delicate process which ultimately preserves the coffee aroma and flavor.

Spray drying process:

Coffee is rapidly dried with a hot gas to produce dry powder from the liquid coffee. The liquid coffee, or coffee extract, is sprayed into a hot air stream which emanates from a tall cylinder, and begins the drying process.

When coffee is prepared into dry form by either of these methods, its can then be packaged and shipped to customers at a much lower volume and weight.

It can easily be rehydrated at any time using hot or cold water to prepare a coffee beverage. Instant coffee doesn’t spoil as long as it is kept completely dry. This means it will last a long time on the shelf. It is also easy to clean up after preparation, because there are no grounds left from grinding coffee beans.

What are the Different Types of Instant Coffee?

Though the processes of freeze and spray drying to create instant coffee are universal, the resulting products vary in terms of consistency and packaging. Some instant coffees are fine powders and some are granulated into grains or crystals to make the coffee easier to measure and dissolve. The result is named soluble coffee because the dried forms simply add water to create a beverage. Either dried product is packaged into packets of varying dimensions or glass or plastic jars.

Here are a few popular and successful brands which have reached top spots in recent taste tests:

  • Starbucks instant coffee
  • Jacobs
  • Bustelo
  • Mount Hagen organic coffee
  • Giraldo Farms
  • Medaglia D’Oro
  • Mountain Blend
  • Nescafe’
  • Sanka
  • Yuban coffee
  • Douwe Egberts
  • G7
  • Maxim Mocha
  • Four Sigma
  • Maxwell House

Typical responses for these coffees are as varied as the customers who have purchased them. Many describe the level of sweetness or bitterness, and some describe how the caffeine level affects them. Most customers appreciate instant coffee because it is convenient, cheap, quick and give them the caffeine they are seeking.

The important thing to remember is that instant coffee is made from regular coffee which is brewed, and then most of the water has been removed from it. It is pure coffee, but available in dried form.

Instant Coffee on the Market Today

Though Arabic beans are most often used for roasting beans which will be used for freshly ground and brewed coffee, gourmet brands of instant coffee are sourcing them, too. The popularity of coffee houses has prompted manufacturers to produce comparable flavors, and the beans do affect the quality of the flavor.

But, the most common use of beans for instant coffee on the market today is Robusta beans. These are primarily grown in Southeast Asia, Central and West Africa, and Brazil. Though Brazil exports the most amount of coffee as a nation, Vietnam has become the major exporter of Robusta coffee beans. Indonesia is third in exports after Brazil and Vietnam, producing the largest volume of Arabic coffee.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying

There are several top things you need to know before buying instant coffee, and these include two broad categories:

Coffee Experience

Coffee has not only flavor, but it has aroma. These two affect coffee drinkers in different ways, and the combination of the two qualities help people to decide which brands they enjoy and drink often. The aroma is the smell of the coffee, and it is perceived through the nose and mouth. The taste is perceived as any combination of sweet, bitter, salty or sour. Flavor is ultimately a combination of the aroma and taste.

Coffee Production

The flavor of any cup of coffee is determined by the type of beans and roasts used to make it. The region and methods used to grow the coffee are the first source for determining how the coffee affects the senses. The two primary coffee beans are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is primary used to create roasted whole beans which will be ground and brewed on the spot as needed. Robusta is primarily used to create instant coffees. Because coffee grows around the world in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Central and South America, coffee flavor profiles vary widely. The land, elevation, humidity, and growing conditions vary by region, which affects the flavor of the beans.

Choosing from among the many coffee brands available in instant form is a matter of personal selection. Choosing the best instant coffee brands is even more selective, as manufacturers offer their blends in different packaging and often add extra flavorings such as sugar, cream and fruit or spices.

Recent advances in eco-farming have also emerged in coffee production, so it is possible to purchase organic instant coffee, too. Some of the best instant coffee is made with gourmet flavoring added, to create proprietary blends common to a company. These gourmet blends often use premium Arabica beans rather than the average Robusto beans, and they include high-quality spices sourced from the best growing regions in the world.

Maxim Korean Instant Mocha Coffee is known worldwide for its excellent flavor. It has the sweetest taste and the most beautiful aroma. With this coffee, you can make you mornings fresh and even rejuvenate your evenings. You will not believe this is instant coffee. Try it and the experience that will remain will never fade away.

Enjoy this coffee brands with their irresistible creamy taste! They are all organized towards making sure that you have a well-balanced cup of creamy, authentic and aromatic coffee with a generous layer of foam. Definitely, try it out and there will be no regrets at all.

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