Top 6 Best HDMI Cables to TV

Today the TV has become the fulcrum point of modern home entertainment. The latest generation of high definition TVs allows for a multiplicity of devices to be connected to provide a more immersive experience. The devices range from the latest of internet TV boxes such as the Fire TV, Apple TV or Roku to gaming consoles such as the Sony PlayStation or Microsoft’s Xbox family to your smartphone or tablet device.

Whichever device you need to connect your TV too, you need a versatile HDMI cable if you are to get the best value for your money. The HDMI cables to TV featured below have been selected for their versatility, quality construction, and functional design. They are good enough to use with a number of devices and have been tested in practical terms to guarantee that the quality is beyond reproach. Take a look at what each offers as you make your final purchase decision.

06. Honstek High-Speed HDMI Cable Supports Ethernet, 3D and Audio Return for TVS

Honstek High-Speed HDMI Cable Supports Ethernet, 3D and Audio Return for TVS,...
  • Compatible HDMI ports for devices with standard...
  • HIGH SPEED HDMI cable: meets its standard to keep...
  • Use convenient: suitable cable lengths available...
  • Construction: High Quality Premium Product...
  • Durable in use: gold-plated Connectors for man and...

While this cable works with any device with the standard HDMI port, it is nonetheless built to transmit video content and data on the latest HDMI 2.0 specification. This means it is capable of transmitting video content in ultra high definition resolutions of up to 2160p and can also be used for data connectivity for compatible devices. Just as well, the cable is built to meet the latest ARC (Audio Return Channel) for the best of audio transmission.

This very affordable cable is all you need to begin enjoying your gaming, movies and music entertainment at the next level. Made from premium materials, the cable will not degrade its functionality with use and is guaranteed to work for many years. Indeed, the manufacturers are so confident in the quality of the cable that they offer a guarantee that you will not need to replace it for at least a year of continued usage.

Features at a Glace:

  • Brand: Honstek
  • Cables in pack: 1, 6 foot long
  • Connects TV to: Blu-Ray, DVD, PS4, Xbox ONE, Satellite, Fire TV, Apple TV, PS4, PS3, XBox one, Xbox 360 etc
  • UHD Capable: Yes. Up to 2160p video content and 18Gbps bandwidth Ethernet connection
  • Amazon bestseller rank: #14 in HDMI Cables
  • i. Compatible with the latest ultra high definition video standard
  • ii. Also provides internet connectivity for compatible TVs and devices
  • iii. Gold plated contacts for dependable connectivity
  • iv. ARC (Audio Return Channel) incorporated
  • v. Durable construction
  • i. The cable is not easy to connect to vertically positioned ports on wall mounted TV sets and display screens
  • ii. No specific manufacturer’s warranty is provided

05. Twisted Veins 3ACHB6 High Speed HDMI Cables – 6 Feet, 3 Pack

Twisted Veins HDMI Cable 6 ft, 3-Pack, Premium HDMI Cord Type High Speed with...
  • Twisted Veins cables support signals up to 18Gbps...
  • Twisted Veins cables also support the following...
  • Twisted Veins cables are type high speed with...
  • Twisted Veins cables comes with a protective...
  • Twisted Veins offers a variety of HDMI cable sizes...

Designed to offer you the greatest level of convenience and versatility when it comes to connecting HDMI capable devices to your TV, this pack of 3 HDMI cables from Twisted Veins comes highly recommended. The pack of three cables is certainly welcome for anyone who needs to connect multiple devices. The 6 foot length is also versatile enough for a variety of uses.

These cables are certainly made by a company which appreciates and understands the inconvenience of connecting cables to receptacles which are at 90 degrees. As such, the shipping package includes a handy right angle / 270 degree adapter to enable you to connect the cable to your TV effortlessly.

Features at a Glace:

  • Brand: Twisted Veins
  • Cables in pack: 3 pack. 6 feet each
  • Connects TV to: Computer, Blu-ray DVD players, gaming consoles, TV boxes etc.
  • UHD Capable: No. Only capable of transmitting 1080p HD video
  • Amazon best seller rank: #5 in HDMI Cables
  • i. Pack of 3 HDMI cables for all your devices
  • ii. Includes a right angle / 270 degree adapter for convenience
  • iii. Gold plated connectors offer the best conductivity
  • iv. Resealable Velcro ties to keep everything tidy
  • v. 6 foot long cables adequate for a host of applications
  • i. Not compatible with the latest ultra high definition video content

04. SecurOMax 15 FT4K HDMI 2.0 Ready HDMI Cable with Gold Plated Connectors

SecurOMax HDMI Cable (4K, HDMI 2.0) with Braided Cord, 15 Feet
  • 4K UHD, Category 2, High Speed, HDMI Cable (A Male...
  • Supports HDMI 2.0, UHD 4K 2160p, QHD 1440p, HD 2K...
  • Oxygen-free bare copper wiring; Braided cord; 24K...
  • Ethernet and Audio Return Channel (ARC);...
  • Length: 15 feet (4.57 meters)

For a functional cable to connect your TV to a video gaming console or computer, you will find this SecurOMax very apt for the purpose. The cable is 15 feet long, providing you with the length and versatility you need in a multi-device environment. The manufacturer may not be very well known but the quality of construction and the cable’s performance are top notches.

This offer is for the latest cable designed to meet exacting 4K standard video and audio return. It is also very affordably priced. However, while some cheap HDMI interface cables often feature Copper Clad Aluminium (CCA) wires inside, this one is made of 100% pure twisted pair copper wire that is also triple shielded for the top of the range performance.

Features at a Glace:

  • Brand: SecurOMax
  • Cables in pack: 1, 15ft long
  • Connects TV to: Blu-Ray/DVD Player, Xbox, Play Station or PC
  • UHD Capable: Yes, 4K UHD 2160p video at 60 hertz
  • Amazon best seller rank: #13 in HDMI Cables
  • i. Supports latest HDMI standard
  • ii. Backward compatible with lower resolution high definition content
  • iii. Gold plated connectors provide the best conductivity performance
  • iv. Braided cord shielding provides best performance and flexibility
  • v. Ethernet and audio channeling
  • i. Cannot be used to connect portable devices without a full HDMI port

03. Rankie 6 Feet High-Speed HDMI to Micro HDMI HDTV Cable

Rankie Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable, Supports Ethernet, 3D, 4K and Audio Return, 6...
  • The 6 feet cable connects tablets and smartphones...
  • Gold-plated connectors for superior connectivity,...
  • Delivers both high-definition video (up to 4K...
  • Built-in Ethernet and Audio Return, supports 3D...
  • customer service from Rankie

This is a cable designed to provide HD connectivity to large display screens for portable devices fitted with HDMI compatibility. The cable’s micro HDMI connector is visually similar to a micro USB port and maybe confusing so you need to ensure that your device is properly compatible before ordering it. The company also sells a version with a mini HDMI connector (larger than the micro version).

While this particular offer is for the 6-foot long cable, you may as well order the other varieties in 10 and 15 foot length. The cable comes with inbuilt Ethernet connectivity as well as audio return and therefore you need just one convenient cable for all your connectivity needs.

Features at a Glace:

  • Brand: Rankie
  • 1. Cables in pack: 6 ft length HDMI Cables to TV
  • Connects TV to: Tablets and smartphones with micro HDMI ports
  • UHD Capable: Yes
  • Amazon best seller rank: # in HDMI Cables
  • i. One handy cable for transmitting HD video, audio and for Ethernet interfacing
  • ii. No extra apps or jailbraking your phone necessary
  • iii. Backwards compatible with previous HDMI standards
  • iv. High quality PVC coating for reliable shielding
  • v. More flexible than many HDMI interface cables
  • i. Connectivity limited to selection of smartphones and tablets with micro HDMI ports
  • ii. Does not work with Kindle devices which come with a special Micro HDMI port

02. Aurum Ultra Series – High Speed HDMI Cable (25 feet) With Ethernet

Aurum Ultra Series - High Speed HDMI Cable (25 feet) With Ethernet - CL3...
  • 25 Feet - High Speed HDMI Cable connects a Blu-ray...
  • SUPPORTS: HDMI 2.0b functions including 3D video,...

This is yet another Aurum high capacity cable for interconnecting HDMI devices. Sold as a 25 feet long cable, it is versatile enough to connect a multiplicity of devices even when they are located at some considerable distance from the display screen or TV itself. The cable is based on the latest HDMI standard and therefore provides Ethernet connectivity for your device as this can be supported through the device’s own HDMI ports.

The CKL certified cable is certain to provide seamless connectivity even when streaming the HDMI content right off the web. Everything from the interwoven copper cables inside the cord to the gold plated connectors as well as shielding the highest quality. You can therefore trust the capacity to perform to the best of your expectations for a lifetime of service.

Features at a Glace:

  • Brand: Aurum
  • Cables in pack: 1, 25 feet long
  • Connects TV to: Computer, Blu-ray DVD players, gaming consoles, TV boxes etc.
  • UHD Capable: Yes, up to 4,096×2,160 pixel resolution
  • Amazon best seller rank: #16 in HDMI Cables
  • i. Long enough (25 feet) for versatile connectivity
  • ii Has Ethernet connectivity inbuilt
  • iii. Supports 3D and audio return channel
  • iv. Backward compatible with lower resolution/speed HD content
  • v. Backed by Aurum limited lifetime warranty on performance
  • i. The cord is made of thick inflexible material, making it harder to connect to angled HDMI ports
  • ii. The velcro cable ties provided are not very adequate for keeping the cable neat if you do not want to use the entire 25 feet length of it

01. Aurum Cables Ultra Series HD14BB50FTNB-N 26 HDMI Cables to TV

Aurum Ultra Series - High Speed HDMI Cable 50 Ft - 4K Ready 26 AWG - CL3 Rated...
  • Upgraded smart chipset: This new jack support 2 in...
  • Best compatibility: perfectly compatible for iOS...
  • Compact and durable: Made with high quality ABS...
  • Impressive sound quality: up to 48 kHz and 24-bit...
  • Warranty and support: the products are tested...

This is a 40 foot long UHD capable HDMI cable meant for in-wall installation. The weight and robustness of the cable attest to its quality and durability. Both connectors are also fully plated with 24 karat gold for reliable conductivity and no-lag video transmission. The manufacturer has also triple shielded the cables to ensure no interference and that the video content is received on the display screen with crystal clear resolution.

Other than the regulation support of ultra high definition video, the cable also transmits high bandwidth internet data, 32 channel audio, Dolby True HD 7.1 audio and more enhanced high data rate content formats. As with other Aurum products, this HDMI cable is backed by the company’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Features at a Glace:

  • Brand: Aurum
  • Cables in pack: 1 cable, 50 feet long
  • Connects TV to: Computer, Blu-ray DVD players, gaming consoles, TV boxes etc.
  • UHD Capable: Yes, up to 4096×2160 resolutions
  • Amazon best seller rank: #19 in HDMI Cables
  • i. Long enough for the most versatile connectivity
  • ii. Supports a whole range of HDMI capable devices
  • iii. Can stream content without lagging
  • iv. Designed to fit latest UHD, 4K video standard
  • v. 24 karat gold plated connectors
  • i. Only transmits 4K video at 24 to 30 hertz, not the latest 60 hertz specification for UHD television broadcasts

How to Choose the Best HDMI Cables for your TV?

As you can tell from the top 10 best reviews of this year’s best HDMI cables, there is no shortage of quality products to pick from if you are willing to perform some comparisons. Ultimately, the ideal cable will be based on your specific needs, the type of TV whose connectivity you are providing for and how well the features of each product provide for your needs. In the end, though there are five factors which apply across the board and which you can use as yardsticks to measure the quality and worth of each proffered HDMI cable:

01. UHD Capable

The latest television sets are designed for handling video content in ultra high definition. Often referred to as 4K TVs, these screens are capable of 2160p video at refresh rates of up to 60 hertz. It could be that your TV does not meet this standard. But it is still advisable that you look for an HDMI cable capable of handling such content. Why? Because such cables are usually designed for speedy transmissions and they are more versatile in the long run. Moreover, these cables are invariably backward compatible with earlier HDMI standards.

02. Connectors

Because you may not be able to check out the actual nature of the wires used for transmitting content under the rubber cladding of your HDMI cable, the best evidence of this can be ascertained by the type of connector. HDMI cables invariably come with two identical male connectors. The exception is cables used for connecting to portable devices such as smartphones or tablets in which case one of the connectors will be much smaller. Whichever the case though, the connectors must be solidly constructed. It is now becoming the standard for HDMI connectors to be lined with gold in order to enhance their connectivity.

03. Ethernet Capable

To be passed as completely versatile, an HDMI cable must provide Ethernet internet connectivity in addition to providing for video content transmission. Admittedly, only a selection of devices that you can interconnect with your HDMI cable will require internet connectivity. But it is reassuring to know that a certain cable will provide such functionality even if it is not a central consideration for your current needs.

04. Audio Return

Even if you get an HDMI cable capable of providing the best transmission of high definition video, it would defeat the purpose of it if the cable failed to provide for quality audio. The best audio standard incorporated in HDMI cables is the ARC (Audio Return Channel) specification. This is guaranteed to reproduce audio in cinematic quality.

05. Construction and Length

By their very nature, HDMI cables are designed for transmitting large volumes of content and fast. This is why you can always tell the quality of the cable by checking the quality of its construction. Quality HDMI cables should be robustly constructed while still flexible. You should also check the length of each cable on offer to ascertain whether it will be long enough to ensure the devices you are connecting are used with the greatest level of convenience.

Final Word

We believe that our comprehensive shopping guide as well as collection of reviews above have helped you get the best HDMI cable for your TV this year. Get the most from your TV by investing in a quality HDMI cable from those listed above. Order yours now and thank us later!

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