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Top 10 Best Safety Harness Lanyards

According to statistics, the number of workers suffering from labor accidents continually increases every day in the world. These manual tasks require them to work in extremely difficult and dangerous conditions such as mining sites, construction industry or even glass cleaning of high-rise buildings. Therefore, in order to help workers in the hazardous industry reduce incidents that may occur, having the best safety harness is the most urgent action.
Fortunately, the market is currently full of protection harness lanyards which are designed to fit your body snugly and attach to cables.

This is important to prevent you from hitting the ground in case you fall suddenly or trip on something at a certain height. Safety harnesses are believed to be helpful precautions and a comfortable tool for workers. If you are still confused about which one suits you best, here are some detailed information from the features to strengths of ten safety harness in the market. Check out the following list of top best safety harness lanyards and make your choice.

10. Guardian Fall Protection 10900 11-Foot 1-Inch Nylon Webbing

For your safety, taking advantage of the Guardian Fall Protection 10900 11-foot 1-inch nylon webbing with a carabineer can help you a lot. Being manufactured in Taiwan, it is the greatest fall protection product with a sturdy frame to ensure users’ safety. Moreover, a quick – action braking system is also a highlight of this product. It is shock-absorbing and works exactly like a seat belt.

Thanks to a durable aluminum housing, this is a lightweight item that offers users comfort and satisfaction. It actually has most of the qualities and features that a worker needs from a safety harness. The whole unit is made of high-quality and durable materials that can last for years without any problem. You can use it to ensure safety without worrying about any wear and tear or accident.

Especially, this product can meet all industry standards such as OSHA and ANSI. In addition, there isn’t any recertification is required with this product as it is regarded as a disposable unit. Thus, you can immediately put your maximum confidence in it.

09. Guardian Fall Protection 21033 Cyclone Construction Harness

Comfort and safe are two vital points of a harness, and this product completely would not disappoint you. With 5 points of adjustment at the legs and durable strap for superior fit, Guardian Fall Protection 21033 cyclone construction harness creates an ideal condition for long days on the job. One of the principal strengths of this product is the high-quality padding at shoulders, back, and waist.

Ultra-flow padding helps remove sweat from the body. The durability of this safety harness is also one of its most promising and attractive characteristics as it is made from 100% polyester. The Guardian Fall Protection “21033 cyclone huv harness” is designed with the unique back which leaves the harness straps tangle-free.

This is an amazing combination for fall arrest, work positioning, rescue as well as rope access applications. To ensure a snug fit, you can choose between a variety of size options available. This is extremely important as it would allow for better protection in the working site.

08. Guardian Fall Protection 21036 Cyclone Construction Harness

Guardian Fall Protection 21036 cyclone construction harness is also another durable protective equipment containing all the features that workers expect to reduce their risk of falling. Being made in the USA and imported abroad, this is a successful product with the material from 100% polyester, fully adjustable straps and adjustment combination buckles.

In addition, wearing this harness does not cause any discomfort since it has a proper design to promote better performance. Specifically, it also equipped with a breathable lining which is extremely useful as it lets you remain dry and comfortable all day. Some people say that it is quite more expensive than similar products, however, you get what you pay for, this high – quality harness will exceed your expectations. There are up to 4 size options and 2 different colors, including red and yellow. You can easily choose the best option that can meet your safety needs and personal preferences.

07. Guardian Fall Protection 21035 Cyclone Construction Harness

This following safety equipment is the product provided by Guardian Fall Protection, which continues to receive a lot of positive reviews due to its overall functionality and its ability to give workers the best protection they need when working at a certain height. The Guardian Fall Protection 21035 cyclone construction harness is specially designed with features like shoulder pads, additional adjustability, and a padded waist belt.

Furthermore, the fall protection harness is made from a durable polyester reflective webbing material. Another advantage is its availability in various sizes, ranging from small and medium to large and extra-large, thus allowing it to fit every worker. Particularly, they can also personalize their harnesses without jeopardizing the integrity of the webbing. In short, these are the reason why it is the most effective harness of its class. The special design can fit your body perfectly and allow you to work and move easily in the working site.

06. Guardian Fall Protection 21034 Cyclone Construction Harness

Made with 100% strong and sturdy polyester, this construction harness comfort wearers with high-quality material. It is designed with the modifiable shoulder, chest strap & leg straps so it brings users coziness. In addition, the buckles are easy to adjust by just one hand whereas it saves time for workers. It is strong enough yet very lightweight, which can make you feel comfortable while also giving you a safe condition. It contains a back padding that helps guarantee protection.

This safety harness also comes with a breathable lining in order to let you stay dry and comfortable for the whole day. The color and well design make it become more attractive that no matter who you are, you will love it. Overall, it is worth buying without any hesitation. There are many great features to maximize protection and safety when you are working in dangerous sites or dealing with risky tasks. If you miss this product, you will regret later on.

05. Guardian Fall Protection 11171 XL-XXL Seraph Construction Harness

If you are looking for a full-body construction harness, do not miss this product from Guardian Fall Protection. This fall protection harness is made from a durable high-quality reinforced polyester webbing material. It means this thing has a long lifespan even though you work in tough conditions. Moreover, it has a waist belt that offers additional padding for comfort and support. This harness will not restrict your movement while still being attached to prevent a fall.

The buckle leg straps merged into this safety harness to ensure that your legs will be in safe and always being in the right position. Therefore, it helps provide more protection and safety for your body. Due to the design of D-rings and rollers, it elevates the better flexibility and mobility. That is the reason why this protective equipment is perfect for construction and roof work. Overall, this is a high-quality and durable yet affordable option for different jobs and tasks in different industries.

04. DBI/Sala ExoFit NEX, 1113127 Construction Harness

Let take a look at a construction harness from DBI/Sala ExoFit NEX, you can find out many advantages of it. With a wide range of sizes, it can perfectly fit any body size. Your comfort is one thing that this manufacturer concerns much about that’s why they design it with a soft, lightweight, moisture-wicking and breathable padding. It also has a small elastic pocket for you to keep your phone or other small valuable things safe.

Additionally, you can wear it easily and use one hand to connect buckles quickly. There are five different size options in total, including small, medium, large, and 2X-large. The best thing that this product provides is a revolver vertical torso adjusters system. With this technique, our safety can be maximized. This equipment is a fully functional harness that is specially designed to give you the confidence to work in high place no matter how dangerous your job is.

03. Guardian Fall Protection 11203 IS-72-2R

Guardian Fall Protect can be seen as one of the best company that cares much about your safety. So they provide another fall protection device which is lightweight but perfectly saves your life. This protective equipment can carry users of various weights. Furthermore, it is easy to put on, take off, and adjust without any help from other people. The material of this product is one of its advantage which is the heavy-duty outer polyester made to reduce the impact forces resulting from a fall.

It has a smart and modern design that the shock absorption is connected directly to the lanyard. With this design, there is no need for using an external shock absorber. Moreover, it makes users feel comfortable due to its lightness. It is lightweight enough that you cannot restrict your movements and help you to focus on the job. Purchase this product and you will not regret it. After all, safety is the top priority that everyone should consider.

02. Guardian Fall Protection 11173 M-L Seraph Construction Harness with Side D-Rings

One more product from Guardian Fall Protect that keep people safe from the high properties is the Guardian Fall Protection 11173 seraph construction harness. This product is also sturdy and strong enough to protect users from their risk of falling. It has a special design with six points of adjustment in order to fit perfectly with any body size. In addition, stretchable shoulder traps make people feel comfortable when using it.

With only 5.5 pounds in weight, the harness is easy to wear and carry to the high working space. A well-padded waist belt and a tool belt combine together to strengthen the supporting-ability for your back. It will not make your movement become difficult as well as will not have any problems with your body when wearing it for a long time. You can choose between six different sizes to fit your body perfectly and ensure better safety.

01. Guardian Fall Protection Qualcraft 00815 BOS-T50 Safety Harness

Have you ever cared about yourself and your workers’ safety when working in the rooftop? Guardian Fall Protecting has concerned about that so they provide a safety harness with high-quality. Guardian Fall Protection 00815 can fit any body type properly. Moreover, with its overall functionality, it’s received a certificate from ANSI. This harness has a large back D-ring that maximizes the safety.

The combination between an anti-slip back placard and the harness helps ensure the security and minimizes the risk of serious injury. It is furnished with a shock-absorbing lanyard, which can soften effectively the impacts of falls. The polyester and polypropylene lifeline won’t soak up moisture and prevent damaging kinks and knots. A set of harness includes a bucket, universal harness, temper reusable anchor, anchor screws, and lifeline.

It is easy to carry and sturdy enough to put in the back of a truck. No matter which job you do or which tasks you perform, this great safety harness is a great solution to ensure safety in the working site.


Selecting the right harness for working purposes can make a big difference in how much a person actually enjoys his or her job. What is better than a harness that can ensure your safety and your comfort as well for many hours on the site? Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should try choosing a good harness beforehand to make sure you choose the right purchase. We hope that you find this guide helpful and easily pick a good one for your needs.

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