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Best Instant Coffee Brands – History & Buying Guide

History of Coffee

History of CoffeeThe growing of coffee dates back to centuries on the Egyptian plateau. The potential of coffee beans was first discovered by Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder. He fed his goats with the beans and observed that after the goats ate the coffee, they became more energetic and stayed awake. Kaldi later informed the abbot of the local monastery and the effects of the beans on his goats.

The abbot then made a drink out of the beans and found out that he stayed awake through the evening prayers. He told other monks about it, and the knowledge of these energizing beans became widespread.

Word about the potency of coffee spread to the Arabian Peninsula and then to Europe before it made it to the rest of the world and the Americas. Over the past years, coffee has gone through different processes and has been made into varieties, one of which is the instant coffee.

The Invention of Instant Coffee

Instant coffee was first prepared in 1771 in Britain. It can also be called coffee powder, or soluble coffee is a drink made from brewed coffee beans. It was called a “Coffee compound,” and the British government granted its patent in the same year. The first instant coffee was prepared in 1851 in America, and it became more popular during the Civil War.

The instant coffee or soluble coffee was patented in 1890 by David Strang of Invercargill, New Zealand, and the first stable soluble coffee powder was invented by Satori Kato, a Japanese-American chemist in 1901. He patented his invention in 1903. The first commercial brand of instant coffee was produced in 1910 by George Constant Louis Washington.

Instant coffee is produced using two different methods – spray-drying or freeze-drying. The point of instant coffee is to ensure that coffee lovers can prepare their coffee faster. Instant coffee also has lesser volume and weight than coffee beans or ground coffee of the same amount. It also has a longer shelf life. Instant coffee gained more popularity during World War I, and then it made its way to Brazil, where they needed coffee that would dissolve more easily and faster.

The process of making instant coffee involves roasting coffee beans to extract its aroma and flavor. The beans are then ground finely into powder and dissolved in water. Then, using any of the two methods – freeze-drying and spray-drying, the water content is squeezed out.

Is Coffee Good or Bad for Your Health?

Coffee Good or Bad for Your Health?

A lot of people have established drinking coffee as part of their morning ritual, and even statistics have shown that 64% of Americans take a cup of coffee every day. Health experts have continuously talked about how taking harmful too much coffee is, but the number of people who take coffee daily has not reduced in any way. Luckily for coffee devotees, the science studying coffee may be tilting in their favor. According to research, coffee might have some positive effects, after all.

Doctors have advocated for the complete boycott of coffee for years. And this is because coffee can increasing heart diseases and causing stunted growth. Another major medical worry was the possibility of getting addicted to the energy that caffeine provides, which makes people crave this drink more. Experts have also expressed their worries about the damaging effects that coffee can have on the digestive tracts, which may lead to heartburn and stomach ulcers. All these health concerns stemmed from the comparison between the health state of coffee drinkers and non-drinkers using mortality and heart problems as measures. In virtually every case, coffee drinkers got the short the end of the stick.

However, those studies hardly accounted for the many other factors that lead to poor health, such as alcoholism, smoking, and the sedentary lifestyle that many people lead. If people who drink a lot of coffee develop heart issues while indulging in other unhealthy habits, it will be hard to solely blame coffee. Therefore, we can conclude that while coffee may have its demerits, high mortality and heart problems can be linked to several other unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Why is Coffee a Popular Drink?

Coffee is popular for more than the caffeine content, which is the number one reason why many people take it. We are aware that the caffeine in coffee helps people stay alert and energized. And the presence of coffee shops on every corner from which a lot of people troop in and out every morning has established that fact.

Apart from the effect of caffeine, coffee is popular because caffeine itself is addictive. Once the body system gets used to taking caffeine, it may become difficult to do without it. Caffeine withdrawal can lead to symptoms like irritability and headaches. Many people will rather continue to drink their coffee than have to deal with those symptoms. Another reason why coffee is popular is the people who drink coffee because they love its taste. These people care less about whether coffee keeps them alert or not; they just enjoy the taste of the coffee. And to prevent the issue of getting addicted or experiencing the side effects of caffeine, they can take decaffeinated coffee instead.

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Types of Instant Coffee & Main Species of Coffee Beans

Instant coffee comes in different types. Check them out below:

  1. Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee

This type of instant coffee is produced from high-quality beans (coffee) – the Arabica species of coffee beans. It is having a freeze-dried texture, and it is widely dubbed as the instant coffee with the best quality. The beauty of this instant coffee type is in its texture, which is solid, dry, and difficult to break.

It is made by freezing the coffee extract to around 40°C and then cut into granules. These granules are then kept under low temperature to dry. The granules are placed under gentle drying conditions to ensure that the flavor and aroma are preserved. Some of the popular brands made from freeze-dried instant coffee are Jacobs Kronung, Nescafe Gold, and Douwe Egberts.

  1. Spray-Dried Instant Coffee

This is suitable for coffee lovers who love high-end coffee but prefer something cheaper. The coffee bean used for this instant coffee type is of lower quality, and this is due to the process of preparing it – the spray-drying process. This method leads to the loss of a considerate amount of the coffee’s flavor, which is why many people avoid this instant coffee type.

In some cases, however, spray-dried instant coffee is a preferred option because it is easy to produce, it takes a short time to dry, and its particles are fine and well-rounded. The granules of spray-dried coffee crumble easily compared to the granules of the freeze-dried coffee. Merely looking at it, one will see how round, fragile, and porous the granules are.

The production of spray-dried coffee involves evaporating the fluid in the coffee beans using hot steam and then placed under high pressure through hot air stream to pulverize. Nescafe Classic is a popular brand of spray-dried instant coffee.

 Main Species of Coffee Beans

  1. Arabica

This coffee bean species has low caffeine content, and it is the source of 80% of the world’s coffee. It has a delicious and aromatic smooth taste, and it is the most preferred type of coffee by coffee lovers.

  1. Robusta

This coffee beans specie has more caffeine than the other species of coffee beans. It also has a stronger taste than the other species. Countries that grow Robusta coffee beans include

  1. Liberica

This specie of coffee, when compared to the other species, has a low yield.

Which Country Has the Best Coffee Beans?

Coffee in Columbia

Coffee beans come from different parts of the world, but the largest supply of coffee comes from Columbia. Columbia alone supplies 15% of the coffee in the world, and the coffee beans belong to the top-quality Arabica family. Columbia is also the source of other coffee types such as Excelso, Supremo, and Extra, but Supremo is the best, and the method of processing it involves the latest technology.

Another country that produces high-quality coffee in Guatemala. The coffee beans from Guatemala come from mountainous areas where they have a kind of tart and more intense flavor. Guatemala is known for its Antigua Volcanic coffee. Other countries that produce coffee beans include Costa Rica, The Arabian Peninsula, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, India, and Uganda.

How Do You Grow Coffee?

The coffee plant makes an excellent houseplant, and anyone can grow it. The plant is easy to care for, and it is perfect for the home. Growing coffee plants requires bright light and a temperature above 65F. You should grow the plant in moist soil and an environment with a high level of humidity. Your coffee plant, just like other plants, will require more water in the summer than winter, and the best time to prune coffee plants is early spring because a coffee plant can grow as tall as six feet.

Can I Grow a Coffee Plant in my House?

Yes, growing coffee in the home is an excellent idea as the plant fits into the home environment, and it helps make the home look better generally. Although growing coffee for commercial purposes may not be possible in your house, you still can grow the plant for personal use.

How Long Does it Take to Grow Coffee?

The time it takes to grow coffee depends on the variety of species of coffee, but it is usually between 3 to 4 years.

How to Make the Best Instant Coffee?

How to Make the Best Instant Coffee

  • STEP 1: The first step to making the best instant coffee is to buy a high-quality instant coffee. Make sure instant coffee brand is tagged “Freeze-dried” rather than “Spray-dried.” Freeze-dried instant coffee has a stronger coffee flavor, and it is granule-shaped, unlike spray-dried coffee that has a powdery form.
  • STEP 2: Heat your water to a temperature of between 190 degrees Fahrenheit and 205 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • STEP 3: Measure the instant coffee to your preference.
  • STEP 4: Use a little amount of cold water to wet the instant coffee and make a paste. This will help you make your coffee drink smoother
  • STEP 5: Add the hot water that you heated in STEP 2
  • STEP 6: Store the remaining instant coffee in an airtight container.

Can Coffee Help with Weight Loss?

Coffee is an excellent stimulant of brown fat, which is responsible for burning calories and generating body heat. Brown fat in the body helps burn fat and sugar to produce heat in the body. When the activities of brown fat are stimulated and increased, blood sugar is better controlled, and the levels of blood lipid increase as well. The burning of calories helps with weight loss.

Also, the location of brown fat is in the neck region, and from the studies carried out, when someone takes a coffee drink, the brown fat becomes hotter. So, further research is ongoing to ascertain what component of coffee stimulates brown fat in the body.

Why Can’t You Sleep After Drinking Coffee?

The major component of coffee is caffeine, and it keeps the body energized. Caffeine gets into the body to stop the adenosine from getting to the brain. The blocking of adenosine from entering the bran keeps the body energized and stimulated. This is why many people have made coffee a daily ritual every morning to help them kick-start their day.


Instant Coffee makes things easier for coffee lovers so they can prepare their coffee within minutes in the absence of a coffee maker. Instant coffee takes away the need to have a coffee maker, and you only need to prepare it in the proportion that suits you to have your coffee ready. Coffee is an excellent stimulant, and when buying instant coffee, it is important to know some important details about it. This is why we have attempted to cover all the details above to help you when buying instant coffee.

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