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Top 10 Best Childrens Wooden Kitchens in 2020

Cooking is a skill and activity that is valued at any age. Just because your child cannot use an oven or a stove does not mean they are not of age to have their own kitchen. A dummy play kitchen can be valuable in your kid’s life simply because it will make them feel like an adult.

At a tender age, most children are drawn to one type of skill after another. Thus, gifting your child with their own kitchen can help foster their love for cooking and food. Notably, with so many types of cooking shows on televisions that are children themed or that involve children, it is a daunting task to have a mild interest in the gourmet world. A play kitchen will provide your kid with the joy of being in a real kitchen without having to associate with the dangers of the real kitchen tools and equipment. In this guide, we have created an ultimate list of the top 10 best play kitchens.

Why buy play Kitchen for your kid?

Dramatic play is essential for kids. During this period, they act out real-life situations to work out how they think and feel. It is critical for kids to try out different roles as they play, this helps both the parent and the kid to discover a lot about themselves.

Play kitchens are open-ended toys that encourage children to create and take charge of their play instead of being instructed on what to do. Essentially, it helps in tapping the child’s natural creativity.

10. Hape Wood Deluxe Playset

Hape Wood Deluxe Playset

Watch your child cook up a storm with a sleek and unique design form Hape kitchen toys. Hape deluxe kitchen toy for kids includes durable and premium wood storage and accessories that help kids learn spatial orientation, organization, and memory. In addition, get the Hape play set with 13 fun accessories. With this kit in place, your child gets all wood utensils and plate ware for play acting the full cooking and dining experience.

Besides, this toddler kitchen set is 100% non-toxic and safe for both boys and girls aged 3 and above. The set is uniquely designed with a purple pop color that adds flair to the kids’ kitchen. Moreover, with this kit in place, you can create a creative place without taking much space. Hape Wood Kitchen is the perfect size for any type of play area. Whip up some fun with the Hape Wood toddler kitchen playset today.

09. Hape E3101 Gourmet Kitchen

Hape E3101 Gourmet Kitchen

The green Gourmet kitchen by Hape is an all in one kitchen that inspire kids to cook a variety of dishes with little imagination. It is ideal for every little baker or chef. Even more, it features a sink, stovetop, oven and a red knobs that can be used to turn n and off the burners. In addition, it has a shelf to hold cooking ingredients and utensils.

Paired with Hape’s delicious food sets, this playset helps mini chefs create mouthwatering food for the whole family. Besides, the playset is made from durable wood with a fine paint finish. Hape’s hallmark toys stimulate kids through every development stage, thus, helping nurture and develop their abilities.

08. KidKraft Large kitchen

KidKraft Large kitchen

KidKraft Large kitchen is an all in one kitchen. It is designed for kids aged 3 and above. In addition, this solid id sized kitchen features all essentials including an oven, stove, sink, refrigerator, microwave, and a stove. Decked with bright and appealing colors with plenty of gadgets, in this toddler kitchen everything is attached, hence, there are no movable pieces. Moreover, due to its size, it can allow multiple children to play at the same time.

Additionally, this playset has pleasing colors that easily fit in with your decor. Even more, the burner stove has actual rings, not paints or stickers, hence, your child will feel like it’s the real thing. Basically, this toddler playset resembles a working kitchen. Since it is big, it requires a playroom or an area with enough space.

07. Teamson Kids Play Kitchen

Teamson Kids Play Kitchen

Let your kid cook up the creation of their life with this wooden play kitchen. The kitchen is cute with a sleek design. Also its’ has knobs that create the illusion of an operative stove. In addition, it features a sink, microwave and a stove with working knobs. There is also stored in the refrigerator section. Besides, it comes with a few accessories including a telephone, spatula, and a spice shaker. It is made out of non-toxic paint and eco-friendly wood. Plus, the toddler kitchen assembles in under 30 minutes.

06. My Creative Club

My Creative Club

With its classic design and compact size, My Creative Club from Hape is a classic introduction for children to culinary arts. It includes everything your kid needs to get started. From the basic starter pans and food to essential utensils. Moreover, it features an opening cabinet and oven, hooks to hang kitchen supplies at a kid-friendly height. Additionally, if you are looking for a simple choice to add to your kids’ playroom, then this should be your best bet. It is suitable for small spaces. In addition, it is ideal if your kid has no food and requires a set all at once.

05. Melissa & Doug Cook’s Corner

Melissa & Doug Cook's Corner

This great play kitchen will leave your little chef engaged in an imaginative house and restaurant play. Cooks’ Corner Wood Kitchen comes with an easy to assemble hardware, panels and fun details including a cutting board, timer, and three burners. Made for kids above three years, this sturdy wooden set has all that your child requires.

In addition, the wooden kitchen features an oven, a fridge, three burners, a timer and a plenty shelf space for young chefs to store their kitchen staples. Besides, the sink is removable, thus, it can be used as a bowl or even filled up with water for play. The device has a step-by-step visual instructional guide. Each step is clearly spelled out with the right hardware and tool to use.

04. Pink Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator

Pink Retro Kitchen and Refrigerator

KidKraft Pink Retro and Refrigerator adds a new flair, dimension, and fun to play kitchens. The two-piece unique design offers a unique kitchen layout o fit any area. Additionally, this set is packed with a set of interactive features. The appliance has a working door ideal for storing food, accessories, and flatware.

The knobs on the oven turn with a realistic molded plastic nature. Young chefs love this wooden play kitchen due to its sweet colors and adorable details like the see-through oven window and doors. Crafted from sturdy composite wood, this set is made to last for many years. Besides, the durable and bright finish is easy to clean and the sink is also removable. In addition, KidKraft products are built with kids’ safety in mind. They are thoroughly tested and safe for use.

03. KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

If you are looking for vintage kitchen space, then the KidKraft Vintage Kitchen will perfectly fit in your budget. It has a classic white design color with a fridge, sink, oven and an overhead microwave. Besides, it has knobs that turn giving tactile feedback with clicks. In addition, this kitchen play has storage below and above the sink. Also, the fridge and the freezer have shelves to hold more play foods. The play set is made from durable wood with non-toxic paints and materials. Moreover, its decor is a perfect fit for most rooms. It is ideal for younger kids.

02. KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

With this kitchen, children get prepare up a ton of fun in no time. It is jam-packed with interesting details that make it stand out in any room. Besides, it is made of chrome and dark wood with a reminiscent gourmet. It features an oven with a working door and raised burners. Also included are a fridge/freezer, cordless phone charger, towel rack, and a dishwasher. It is big enough for several kids to play at once. Notably, it requires a big space to fit in.

01. KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play

KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play

With a modern and sleek design, the KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play is a fun playing point of any kind. With much to do, this playset provides hours of cleaning, cooking and tending to laundry. Features like functional doors and rumbling and battery ice maker will leave your kid engaged and entertained as they make delicious and imaginative meals. Besides, it has functional shelves that provide storage for pots, pans, and plates. In addition, the playset is large enough to accommodate multiple children playing at the same time, thus, encouraging teamwork and sharing without interfering with each other’s activities.

Factors to consider when choosing the Best Play Kitchen

While shopping for a play kitchen for your kid, they are numerous factors that you need to consider. Discussed below are some of them.

1. Appliances

Play kitchens are either oven or flat surface. Additionally, some kitchens offer all critical kitchen appliances in one set, while others offer appliances but in separate pieces.

2. Size

When shopping for a play kitchen, size should be a factor to reckon with. It is always a limiting factor. Despite being a play kitchen, some of these devices may take up valuable space. If your child would like to cook besides you, then they will appreciate a small oven or stove. Notably, it should not just be the footprint size. Some might be taller and old and some of the play kitchens are a bit small, so the apparatus you choose should give your child a realistic feeling.

3. Materials

Plastics are lighter and easy to clean. However, children toys should be tactile and durable. Hence, a wooden set or a combination of other materials and wood will give your kid the sense that the set is real.

4. Accessories

Some kitchen sets come along with accessories and play food. If you are upgrading from an old kitchen set to another then probably you probably have accessories, thus, you might not want to add any other thing to it. However, if it is your kids’ first kitchen, it might be a good idea to purchase a complete kit.

Final Thoughts

Your kid deserves the best. Hence, you need to buy them a play kitchen that will give them the oomph they require to mimic your kitchen ability. Besides, the playset will help you kid develop themselves holistically. Although the guide highlights the top best play kitchen, your choice will perfectly be affected by space and your budget.

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